The Hare Krishna Community in Moscow Photos of Moscow's large Krishna community, starting from March 2003, document daily devotional rituals, temple holidays, and Krishnas' interaction with other Muscovites. More recent photos follow the group's eviction from its complex by city authorities and look to the future of the community.

Political Demonstrations Russians demonstrate against the Iraq war, communists rally on the day of the October Revolution, the Kremlin orchestrates huge rallies ahead of parliamentary and presidential elections, as police disband demonstrations by liberal and opposition parties.

Politics in the Regions Even far from Moscow the Kremlin, President Putin, and the ruling United Russia party exert enormous influence. Opposition presidential candidates traveled out to Russia's regions ahead of elections in March 2004.

Youth Movements Photos of organized youth movements such as the National Bolshevik Party on their 1st May march through Moscow, the Komsomol (young Communists) on a cruise down the Moscow River, and the neo-fascist People's National Party. Also a look at Russia's growing punk subculture.

Moscow Life On the set of a new Russian film, Genocide Remembrance Day at Moscow's Armenian cemetery, Victory Day celebrations, as well as photos of Moscow's famous metro, street scenes, and scenes from daily life.

Life in the Provinces Outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg is a different Russia. Photos of agricultural workers in southern Russia, coal miners in Central Siberia, and more.

©Alexandra Kocho-Schellenberg